The B2B transaction classification includes products and services acquired for conducting business. It is a kind of business that is done with the bottom line to meet the needs of the business.

B2B selling has many specific characteristics:

· In B2B sales, wholesale volumes, complex devices and expensive services are offered;

· Reputation is more important. When choosing an intermediary, the company prefers not to sell to the most expensive customer, but to a prestigious customer;

· Product or service demand depends on the economic situation in the country;

· The B2B buyer is more experienced and takes product and supplier selection more seriously;

· The conclusion of the contract may take a long time - participation in tenders, submission of applications, struggle with competitors, bilateral negotiations, and several employees are involved in the process (manager - accountant - supervisor);

Considering these features, what are the effective methods of digital marketing in B2B marketing? What are the channels for promoting B2B products and services?

All available tools are important in B2B advertising:

· Website and landing page support;

· Context advertising;

· E-mail marketing, guerilla methods;

· SEO and SEO.


Every B2B promotional tool should only consider its target audience.

SEO in B2B.

- Optimum selection of keywords and phrases that are understandable to experts in the field will make search queries accurate.


 - Optimizing the site according to search engine systems will bring the site to TOP in Google and increase the attractiveness of the offer among potential customers.

- Quality content - quality content with 100% uniqueness, including quality product images and other graphics. Original content, unmatched on the web, is highly valued by search engines when indexing pages.

- Context advertising in the B2B segment.


Contextual advertising in the B2B segment requires a balanced approach. In order not to waste your budget, it is important to remove all "negative keywords" from circulation. Advertising campaigns are based on ads involving the following people:

· who chooses the product;

· who decides to purchase the product;

· who uses the product.


For each of these, different creatives, different calls to action and links to different pages are selected. The key point is to do the right remarketing and retargeting in relation to the purchase decision after a long time.


SMM in B2B.

As difficult and "impossible" as B2B SMM is, it is not right to dismiss it. It can bring conversions around 5-20%.

No matter how much we say that the target audience is the corporate sector, we can see the opposite of this law in many areas. For example, doctors and cosmetologists working in a clinic or aesthetic center will have a major influence on decision-making in the supply of cosmetology preparations and even devices. Or the people who will directly influence the purchase of "make-up" lamps are make-up artists in beauty centers. Another example is companies that often require new personnel, so that recruitment is effective in social networks and groups.


 CMM Mistakes in B2B:

· FB promotion only. There is still a myth among CMMs that company executives, that is, B2B potential buyers "sit" on Facebook.

· Indifferent approach to visuals and content. use of stock images of products and services and non-informative text.

· Wholesale promotion of all products. For example, a company produces products for different purposes from the same material. It is better to promote products in different directions from different accounts.

· Serious style! The idea that "a B2B company must have serious content" is a myth! Your content should be comprehensive, informative, useful and interesting. Remember that every industry has its own jokes, and the fact that you have professional jokes with customers only shows that you are a professional.


Here are some useful tips for quality B2B SEO:

· Interactive content. A balance of informative business content and infrequent but interesting posts will not compromise your reputation at all.

· Achievements and professional advice of well-known people in the field of activity will be very interesting and useful for your target audience.

· Presentation of products by company employees. The decision-making process in B2B sales can take a long time. This is mainly due to the fact that the product or service to be purchased is not cheap. Demonstrate the product and provide useful information about its use to clarify questions in the buyer's mind and build confidence in the product.

· Share lifehucks about your product or service. It shows the benefit of your product and service and how important it is to the buyer.


E-mail marketing in B2B.

Simple email is the primary communication channel for B2B companies. B2B email marketing has the highest ROI and is recognized as the best conversion tool. To achieve this, a number of conditions must be met.

· Based on audience needs by segmenting customers' personal data to better target mailing list;

· Don't rush to sell to help customers buy. In most cases, "Learn more" emails are more effective than "Buy today";

· The design of the letter should help to immediately understand the essence of the message. Complex technical "tricks" are more likely to alienate the buyer than to arouse their interest;

· The time of maximum click rate of mail is calculated taking into account time zones.


It is not easy to promote B2B companies in the digital field. You can avoid misunderstandings in the future if you don't promise the client unrealistic numbers and if you speak honestly about the features of working with the client on social networks and show your real capabilities.

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