What is an influencer?


Influencer marketing will be used even more in the coming years than it is now. Because since 2020, people's attitude towards internet platforms has changed a lot. It is no longer possible to think of a life without the Internet - education, work, personal life. Everyone from 7 to 70 actively uses the Internet, including social media. At this time, they come across 2-3 times more ads on social media than they see on the street and on TV. Influencers are one of the groups that implement that advertisement.


Influencers share their experiences about a service or product through the platforms they own, especially social media channels. These experiences can be related to the prices, quality, usage, etc. of services and products. Moreover, they can share not only positive opinions, but also negative ones. These platforms are different from each other - blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, SMM service, etc. Based on these, companies prepare Influencer marketing strategies.

Influencers are mainly grouped by sharing topics. But they are also divided into different groups according to the number of followers:

- Mega-Influencer – Influencers with more than 1 million followers are called Mega-influencers. Influencers belonging to this group in our country can be found mainly on the Instagram social network.

- Macro-Influencer - influencers with followers between 40 thousand and 1 million people are considered Macro-Influencers. Influencers are the most effective audience for influencer marketing. Because audience numbers are mostly real and natural. At the same time, companies are more likely to find and cooperate with them.

- Micro-Influencer – influencers who have followers in the range of 1,000-40,000 are called Micro-Influencers.


Another type of distribution for influencer marketing is by platforms.


Blogs were more popular 5-6 years ago. Nowadays, very few people are interested in reading blogs. This is somewhat related to the development of other areas. Video content on the same topic attracts more people than written content. But creating a blog is still relevant. Blogging, especially for personal branding, is still one of the methods used.



In recent years, the interest in this field has increased significantly in our country. However, we still observe a lack of content on certain topics, especially in the field of personal development and education. Even though Youtubers are constantly working on themselves, there is still no influencer with more than 1 million YouTube followers in our country.


Social media influencers

This group includes influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Instagram social networks. Among social networks, Instagram has opened its doors to more influencers.

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We tried to answer your questions about influencer marketing. If you are aware of all the issues, but still don't know how to cooperate with them, don't bother yourself too much. Leave it to "Sharaf Media" advertising agency.

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