A verified badge Instagram account verification


What do we have to do to make the Instagram account official?


According to the statistics of January 2020, Instagram social network with 2.9 million users takes the first place among the social networks used in Azerbaijan. People use the platform for various purposes. Among them, there are quite a few who set up a business or create a blog on Instagram. Among these people, there are those who cooperate with SMM agencies, and there are those who manage the whole process themselves.


After a while, the activities of some of them go beyond creating content, sharing, advertising on Instagram, and attracting followers. This now results in them asking for a verified Instagram account.


Sharaf Media advertising agency provides information on how those users will receive the blue icon symbolizing a verified account.


First of all, let's explain what Instagram account verification means. If your profile is verified, it has already been officially accepted by Instagram that your account belongs to a well-known person or a brand. With these blue icons, your Instagram account will appear more prominent in searches and will distinguish it from fake accounts opened in your name.


In fact, anyone can apply for a sky badge. However, for your application to be accepted, the following must be provided:


Compliance: Complying with Instagram's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.


Original: Be a direct account user or brand employee. That is, you should not manage a fan page or an account that only provides superficial information about the company.


Unique: Aside from the language change, Instagram can verify just one account of an entity.


Public: Hidden profiles are not verified by Instagram.


Complete: All information about you must be complete. This includes your address, website, profile picture, etc. Of course, it is necessary to have your shares.


Required: Are you really a person or company important enough to receive approval?


Maybe you're sharing quality content and managing Instagram in an ethical manner. You even work with SMM agencies by allocating a certain amount from your budget for this. But your number of followers is quite low. Do not worry. There are quite a few verified accounts with less than 15,000 followers on the Instagram social network. If you trust yourself and your account, don't hesitate to apply.


If you have registered links of other social networks in your profile, delete them before applying. In particular, don't forget to remove links from YouTube and Twitter social networks.


Try to make your followers real. Don't resort to fake ways. Don't even talk to SMM agencies that offer this in their services. This will not only prevent you from getting the blue badge, but it will also cause your account to get spammed.


Is information about you shared in the media? Are you or your company interesting to people? Are people looking for you on Instagram? These are important nuances for verifying your account.


Have you received a rejection while all of this is complete and accurate? Keep working. Investigate your mistakes. Or contact "Sharaf Media" advertising agency.

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