Why are your followers on Instagram decreasing?


Number of followers on instagram .You can't grow your page and increase the number of followers just by advertising on instagram. For this you need to have a management strategy. But you should never include some processes in this management. Otherwise, your page will be spammed, blocked, or even blocked by Instagram. Or your data gets into someone else's hands and your account is at risk of being stolen.

Do not use these methods!

Join giveaways often – Giveaways can pay off faster and bigger than what you get from advertising on Instagram. But keep in mind that when you advertise on Instagram, you are targeting a specific audience that is responsible and relevant to your service. But those who joined the "giveaway" come to your page precisely for gifts and money. However, if you want to participate in such contests and campaigns, you can join contests on accounts that charge less but are closer to your page. Otherwise, your 50-60 thousand new followers will "unfollow" your Instagram account after the contest ends, and the rest will be lost money.


Getting Followers – Getting followers will set you back a crisis later. It can be after 1 month, it can be after 6 months. Why? Because the followers you get are mostly made up of real, inactive accounts. When Instagram cleans, it removes those profiles. If you have 100,000 followers when you sleep at night, you may wake up in the morning with an Instagram account with 60,000-70,000 followers.


Joining follower boosting programs – Joining these programs is one of the most dangerous ways. Sometimes companies and individuals who offer to advertise on Instagram can use them to deceive customers. What is the danger? These programs completely capture your personal information. It is able to share, like, comment, write messages on your behalf. In short, they can do anything on your profile, and you are unaware of the whole process. Stealing accounts of users who increase followers with programs is also one of the frequently observed cases.


Follow others often - This method may seem like a no-brainer, even after getting blocked, you can still continue "The main thing is that the followers are growing". But that's not the point. If you re-follow someone you followed, they may report you. Or if you get blocked several times due to this process, Instagram can reduce the visibility of your account and posts, the frequency of appearing in front of people.


Uninteresting content, decrease in activity - Uninteresting posts, low-quality pictures... Well, some viewers enjoy it. Even if you try to reach more people by advertising these posts on Instagram, you will not get the desired return. Because the advertised posts deserve the money paid for their creativity and interest. And some sales pages share 5-6 posts a day is unbearable. They did, you don't. This applies not only to single posts, but also to story shares. By sharing 15-20 products in a story at once, you can simply tire the audience. Make your posts frequent. If you really have to post, post 2, max 3 posts a day.


Suspended, Deleted Accounts – Are you not making the mistakes listed above, but your followers are still dropping? This is no longer about you, but directly about the viewer. Because some people freeze or delete their accounts, your number of followers decreases. There is almost nothing you can do in this part. In short, don't beat yourself up.


You cannot achieve a healthy increase in the number of followers with these means. However, if you apply to "Sharaf Media" advertising agency, that increase will be to your heart's content.


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