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Why online advertising and not traditional advertising?

Advertising on the Internet, building online communication with customers, digital marketing strategy - there were so many companies that did not adopt all these innovations and did not include them in their management plan. But the pandemic that happened in 2020 forced them to keep up with innovation, and sooner or later everyone will face this. Because this is the demand of the time.

Internet advertising is one of the first tools that comes to mind when we think of digital marketing. Currently, many large companies, including "Google" and "SpaceX" companies, are developing and testing a number of projects to provide the whole world with the Internet. Of course, there are dozens of startups that we don't know about. Because intellectual people are aware of what is happening and do not want any part of humanity to be left out of this process. In this case, companies are in a hurry to switch from traditional advertising to digital advertising. In fact, it would not be a lie if we say that there are very few institutions left that have not already been passed.


So why should we switch from traditional marketing to digital marketing?

Audience Space: Why is Internet Advertising So Popular? Because the audience is moving to digital platforms. Indeed, we can see to what extent this is true as the number of members of the older generation decreases and the number of members of the Y generation increases.

Reasonable price: Advertising in mass media is very expensive. However, advertising on the Internet through Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. platforms is more affordable.

Target audience: Traditional advertising tools were expensive as well as ineffective. When we advertise on the Internet, we can identify those who are interested in our products according to their age, place of residence, interests, etc. But traditional advertising gave us almost none of these tools.

Detailed results: After advertising on the Internet, we can review the results in detail - how many people saw the ad, how many people were interested in the product, who liked it or wrote a review, etc. In marketing, such results are very important for the development and planning of the strategy of the next stage of the process. Because at this time, based on the results, they work so that the mistakes are not repeated, and the positive sides are strengthened.


Concise, interesting content: Traditional marketing mainly uses videos. This sometimes leads to spending a lot of time and money. But digital platforms allow us to express our opinion with 1 picture and 1 sentence. The main thing is that our idea is interesting.

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