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Marketing agency presentation to customers is the main priority of the business. A marketing agency is a team of trained individuals or marketers working together. If you are struggling to attract customers through your existing advertising strategies or if you want to increase your brand awareness, it is time to contact Sharaf Media marketing agency. If you want to promote your new products or services and increase loyal customers, a marketing agency will do it well. In addition, Sharaf Media will assist your business in implementing search engine optimization (SEO) content, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, website design and other services.

 Digital marketing services include the process of creating and managing ads through Google and other platforms. PPC ads in this category are paid ads. Through a marketing agency, you will be able to strengthen your position in the digital world.


Marketing agency in Baku

Marketing agency in Baku

Through SEO, you will rank at the top of the search category organically, without incurring the cost of paying for advertising. Experienced SEO specialists of Sharaf Media marketing agency will help you in this matter.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) includes creating social media posts, managing your social media presence and customer traffic through channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Defining a social media strategy means analyzing your company's past and current campaigns and results, and planning new ways to increase sales. Our marketing agency has an extensive SMM team to develop your brand on social media.

Another area that is included in the marketing agency is copywriting. A copywriter is a professional writer responsible for writing the text or copy used in marketing and promotional materials. A copywriter plays an important role in expanding businesses' markets and connecting with potential customers. 


 Most marketing agency functions can be divided into three main categories: 


  1. Identifying marketing opportunities that fit your business goals
  2. Implementation of marketing strategies
  3. Performance measurement and analysis of marketing strategies and tactics


Marketing agency Sharaf Media employs a diverse team of experts to help you with all the marketing goals, strategies and tactics you want to achieve. Because it is impossible to achieve your goals with only one marketing tactic.

 Marketing agency services include:

Attracting new customers to your business: One of the first steps is to identify your target audience and find ways to attract them to your company. A marketing agency develops strategies for attracting customers, defines business goals and your target audience.

Planning: Creating plans for creating new media and optimizing your existing media, agencies ensure your materials are shared in the right channels.

Public relations: The image of your company in the eyes of the public is important. An agency can help manage and plan public relations events and communications.

Market analysis: Our agency conducts market research, identifies your competitors and defines a new marketing strategy.


Benefits of working with a marketing agency

Digital presence: The power of the digital world today is undeniable, which is why a presence in the digital sphere is important. Sharaf Media marketing agency will shape your brand image in the digital sphere.

Target audience: While you may know your customers, agencies have extensive knowledge of the target audience. Our agency offers effective ways to target the market by analyzing your current customer profile.

Budget savings: By targeting the right customers, your revenue and expenses will be adjusted. You will get more customers and new sales with less advertising costs.

 A creative and professional perspective: Sometimes all you need is a second look. With extensive experience, our agency has worked with many clients across different industries and has a high level of expertise on how to improve your current strategies.


But how to find a reliable marketing agency?

When working with agencies, you can gain perspectives on how to create new ads that are eye-catching, cost-effective and profitable.

Sharaf Media advertising agency has achieved countless successes by cooperating with many well-known brands. By applying to our agency, you can take advantage of all the advertising services you need.

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