Packaging design


Packaging design, which has a strong role in the world of marketing, is not as simple a process as it seems. Effective packaging can strongly increase the brand's reach, reduce advertising opportunities and market the product without the need for some additional costs.

 As an advertising agency, we create packaging design from scratch, preserving and redesigning the brand's DNA. We also update the image of the established brand by designing the packaging.

Packaging is one of the main marketing areas. By designing packaging, your sales increase, brand awareness increases and your product has a stronger position in the market.

 Our agency will market your products in the most effective way with eye-catching retail packaging design. The point here is not to use a brighter color or a bolder font. To make your product look attractive, it is important to associate it with your brand and create a unique packaging design.

 Highlighting simplicity in design plays an important role in bringing your product to the fore. If you want people to be able to identify your brand name and product purpose at a glance, Sharaf Media agency will help you with this.

Even if you only market your products online, packaging design is important because it plays a big role in brand awareness. 

Every package design should answer three main questions:


1. What is the function of this product?

2. Why should I buy this product?

3. Which brand does the product belong to?

Our goal is to develop a successful packaging design.

Because with a successful packaging design, you can advertise your products to a large audience. A successful packaging design involves harmony between colors, fonts and font sizes, photos and your logo. If your customer base has increased thanks to our packaging, if you are able to sell the expected number or more products, it means that we have achieved real success.


 The process of developing packaging designs

 Packaging designs are a factor to consider when it comes to advertising your products. First of all, it is a process that requires a lot of effort and patience to know the product to be designed and to develop a solid, original, creative and impressive design suitable for the product being tested. After this process, the actual packaging design phase begins.

 Branding, images, text, photographs, symbols and colors are used in packaging design. If we consider packaging design as a tool for you to communicate with the customer, the harmony, originality and creativity of the factors we have listed are very important. In order for designs to be successful, it is necessary to have knowledge about consumer psychology. Consumers' views, expectations and thoughts about the product should also be reflected in the packaging design.

 Stages of product packaging design

First, we conduct detailed research on the product that we will design. Then we have to choose the packaging material for the product we will design. In the second stage, we define our target audience. The target audience of the product or food to be packaged can be children, elderly, women, men or any field. With these factors, we get initial information about the font, colors and logo to be designed. Analyzing where the target audience buys products will help us create a successful packaging design.

After completing all the stages, we can start developing the packaging design. Our goal here is to satisfy you valuable product owners by creating unique, attractive, original and creative designs within the framework of the information we get.

We give you a choice within the few samples we will prepare and try to develop your packaging design by taking your ideas.

If you have a product that you want to market or promote, or you want to update your packaging, we are ready to help you. For more information about packaging design, you can contact Sharaf Media advertising agency.





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