What is advertising?


Advertising is a means of communication with users of a product or service. Advertisements are messages paid for by senders and intended to inform or influence the people who receive them, as defined by the Advertising Association of England. Advertising agencies fulfill this mission directly.

Advertising is always there, even if people are not aware of it. Nowadays, advertising agencies use all kinds of media to convey their advertising message. It does this


•        TV-Radio;

•        Press;

•        Internet advertising

•        Direct sales;

•        Mail;

•        Competition;

•        Sponsorship;

•        Poster;

•        Clothing;

•        Event;

•        Colors;

•        Through voices and even people.



The advertising industry consists of many people such as advertising companies, advertising agencies, media that carry advertisements, brand managers, researchers, creative directors and designers, etc. A company that needs to advertise itself or its products cooperates with an advertising agency. The company provides the advertising agency with information about the brand, images, target segments.

After receiving the approval from the client, the advertisements are published according to the orders placed by the media buying department of the advertising agency.   


Creative advertising

Ask a business professional what the key to success in advertising is, and you'll likely get the answer from Stephan Vogel, chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather Germany: “Nothing is more effective than creative advertising. Creative ads are more memorable, long-lasting and work with lower media costs. That's why experienced advertising agencies give more preference to creative ads.

Are creative ads more effective at inspiring people to buy a product than ads that simply catalog a product's features or benefits? Advertising agencies have found that creative messages attract more attention and lead to positive attitudes about the products on sale, but there is no evidence to show how these messages affect purchasing behavior. Similarly, there is very little empirical research linking creative messaging to actual sales returns.

Creating eye-catching campaigns is an important part of the process. If your campaigns don't aim to promote your brand and attract customers, they will almost certainly fail.

 Advertising agencies are using global digitalization to change the advertising industry, both positively and negatively. The number of platforms on which companies can find potential is increasing, the opportunities offered by these platforms are becoming more diverse, and the information obtained through these platforms is becoming more accurate and useful. The negative nuance is the strained relationship between marketers and consumers. Often, companies show the wrong ads to the wrong people. However, failed marketing campaigns aren't just about showing your ads to the wrong people.


As an example of a failed advertisement, the Adidas brand can be cited as an example.

Adidas: Boston Marathon Email

Customers running the 2017 Boston Marathon received a poorly worded letter from a major shoe and athletic apparel company.

It was just mentioned in the thread "Congratulations, you survived the Boston Marathon!" 

 In the context of any other fitness activity, this may seem harmless. In fact, many people use such expressions when they finish an event. For example, some may say they survived their first Crossfit class.

 But the message was sent on the heels of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people and injured more than 250. Needless to say, many people were offended.


How to create a successful marketing campaign?

It is easy to criticize and judge those who have stumbled in the past, but it must be recognized that there is no copy and paste method for a fantastic marketing campaign. There is a lot of research to be done and a lot of creative man power behind it.

A successful marketing campaign for advertising agencies consists of;

•        Clarify goals and objectives;

•        A specific target audience;

•        Attention-grabbing content;

•        Monitor your results for optimization


Please review your content carefully before publishing, sending, or printing a byline. Carefully consider your campaign in terms of the current social context. Always get an educated second opinion before running any campaign!

Your services and products may be of good quality, but if your advertising fails, it will be difficult to find and attract your customers. "Sharaf Media" advertising agency is always with you in this matter. Don't forget to contact us.

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