TV advertising

We divide TV users into 2 categories:

1. People watching new information and market innovations in the media, mainly on TV;

2. People using television at leisure.

Considering this regularity, you need to present your advertising in the right time, in the right channel and telecast to the right audience.


• TV advertising is the most popular advertising type

• Ability to broadcast advertisements at any time and in the telecast

• Ability to demonstrate the product

• Demonstration of product benefits

• Ability to use multiple advertising incentives (image, color, sound, movement, text)

• Advertising your product by a favorite presenter.

As TV and Radio advertising doesn’t require small amount, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct channel, telecast, time, type of advertising and other points basing on the activity type, service area and budget of each company.

Moreover, the advertising agency must have high discount on channels and radio stations. “Sharaf Media” is ready to assist you in this field.

TV advertising is useful primarily for those who want to create as wide popularity as possible for their company or its product. It is good for those who want the advertised product or service to be automatically associated with the name of the advertiser.

Radio advertising

Listening to the radio and simultaneously doing necessary work is more convenient than using other media such as watching TV or reading a newspaper.

Here are two key factors related to the usefulness of radio advertising:

1. The best time of receiving information for the brain is the morning. Bus passengers, car drivers, office workers, people coming to the cafe to drink morning coffee and others are the part of the population opening the morning on the radio and listening to the news or music. Traffic jams are the peak hours of both car driving and radio use. And in this case, the radio advertisement tells people where to buy food on the way home, where to spend the weekend and where doing shopping is most profitable. Advantages:

2. During the day the radio audience is superior than the television. Radio does not prevent doing other activities.

Mass media provides the imagination to be the most active. By listening to the advertisement, the listener creates a more appropriate and pleasant image of the product and service. The percentage of rejection of advertisements on the radio is lower.

Who needs advertising on TV and radio?

New products and established brands, increased demand and recognition, as well as those interested in maintaining stable sales.

TV and radio are the most massive means of social advertising, they provide access to the widest sections of the public. Even if the price is high, its products will continue to be sold because they have seen it on TV and heard it on the radio.

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