Youtube advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engines after Google, is the ideal platform for your business to find and grow new potential customers. YouTube has an active mass and is one of the platforms where people spend the most time. Therefore, YouTube ads promote your business, allowing you to reach both those who know you and those who do not know you.

Advantages of YouTube ads:

- You have a wide range of filtering options to make your ads reach the right target audience

- You can choose at what time of day your ads will be displayed

- You can track your ad campaigns data such as viewing number and click count on a daily basis

During the viewing the user sees your commercial advertising and it has a great advantage. The advertising shall be viewed at least 5 seconds. If the video is filmed correctly and interestingly, your advertising will give the desired effect. The “Sharaf Media” team can also help you create a commercial advertising.

When you place an advertising on YouTube, you have the opportunity to choose your potential customers – by city, age, gender, interests and so on. And most importantly, you pay for the number of screening or hit of the advertising.

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