Google advertising

Google advertising in Azerbaijan

The most effective advertising is the advertising faced by your potential customers while looking for your service or product. The Google search engine is the best example.

We rank your company in the first place in the search with any keyword.

All you have to do is only meeting the customers :).

Why Google advertising?

- It is the world's number one search platform

- Your advertisement is displayed for free. You only pay if the user links to your company's page

- You get such a result with the lowest budget

Why “Sharaf Media”?

- It is the official partner of Google in Azerbaijan

- Transparent working principle

- Maximum effect according to the budget

Advertising on TV remains a dream for small and medium-sized businesses due to the high prices. Therefore, we offer you better effect than TV advertising on YouTube platform.

Google ads are one of the digital tools that require professionalism but have a high return. Google ads campaign will not only stand out your products and services, but also increase your revenue.

Google Ads is the most effective method of finding people who search for what they need. Your potential customers can see your ad when they search for your product in Google search engines, and only when you click on your ad do you pay at a certain limit. You can set the location, time and other metrics for which advertising will be displayed in Google Search Ads yourself.


Why Google ads?

- Increases your recognition in the market

- Increases your website traffic

- Creates direct sales opportunity

- Provides effective results in a short time


What do we do?

- Target mass research

- Creating advertising campaigns

- Keyword analysis

- Search, Display and YouTube ads

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